AI Empowered: MidJourney, ChatGPT and Canva for the rescue

Alright, this post has nothing to do with my challenging journey in the world of a scaleup. But I could not resist and thought I’d share my experience. So here is the thing. When I started this blog I had to spend a lot of time thinking about titles, structure of the post, SEO friendly meta descriptions. I had to figure out how to create some images and they looked pretty crappy.

Then I heard about MidJourney from my wife, and I decided to check it out. I’ve already played a bit with ChatGPT, so I knew about it capabilities.

So, long story short. This is my routing to produce posts now, that saves me tons of time. I begin with an idea, of what I want to write about. And facing scaleup challenges on a daily basis, it is quite easy for me.

Generate post title with ChatGPT

Then I use ChatGPT to come up with several SEO-friendly blog post titles. I do something like this:

I am writing a blog post about the use of generative AI tools to simplify and speed up my content generation process. I want you to come up with several short and catchy blog post titles for this blog post.

Then I ask ChatGPT to generate a prompt for MidJourney to generate a banner for my blog post:

I am going to use an image generative AI tool called MidJourney to generate a banner for this post. I want you to provide me several prompts I can use in MidJourney to produce the banner.

Generate banner in MidJourney

Then I go to MidJourney and use the prompt provided. I may touch it up a bit if I need to specify style or colours. MidJourney would generate 4 options for me to choose from. If I need more I can always regenerate or use another prompt provided by ChatGPT.

ScalingTheScaleup - MidJourney to help with content rceation

Time for Canva

After that, I go to Canva, and select the style where the textual part looks suitable for my needs. I remove the rest of the media elements and replace them with the image generated by MidJourney. Adjust the text to the title generated by ChatGPT, and voila, the banner is ready:

Back to writing

I still need to write my post though and I highly encourage you not to cheat by asking ChatGPT to generate the post for you. In the end, it should be your thoughts. If you have none – don’t produce more noice. But if you are struggling with expressing your ideas in a nice way, then ChatGPT can be handy as well. You can upload your roughly written paragraph to ChatGPT and ask it to touch it up so it would sound more professional or easier to digest, or whatever your style and angle is.

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